Ceremony - “Sick”


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Glory Days / The Avett Brothers


wise words as always from dr. steve

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Bad Religion - “Stranger Than Fiction”

A febrile shocking violent smack and
the children are hoping for a heart attack
tonight the windows are watching,
the streets all conspire
and the lampost can’t stop crying

If I could fly high above the world
Would I see a bunch of living dots spell the word stupidity?
Or would I just see hungry lover homicides,
loving brother suicides
and olly olly oxenfrees, who pickaside and hide

The world is scratching at my door
My morning paper’s got the scores,
the human interest stories, and the obituary

Cockroach nape and rattling traps,
How many devils can you fit upon a match head?
Caringosity killed the Kerouac cat,
Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction

In my alley around the corner
there’s a wino with feathered shoulders
and a spirit giving head for crack and he’ll
never want it back
There’s a little kid and his family eating
crackers like Thanksgiving
and a pack of wild desperadoes scornful of living

The world is scratching at my door
My morning papers got the scores,
the human interest stories, and the obituary

Cradle for a cat, Wolfe looks back,
How many angels can you fit upon a match?
I want to know why Hemingway cracked
Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction

Life is the crummiest book I ever read,
there isn’t a hook, just a lot of cheap shots
Pictures to shock and characters an
amateur would never dream up

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction




Bring home #4 boys. Bring the Cup back to it’s rightful place. 

Tell the doctor you have a bad life
You carry a knife carry a gun
Parents are white gaudy and slow
Fear is a house without windows

Call the police
Turn me in

When you go out you sit alone
Inside your head cemetery songs
I’m dying I’m dead
As love in the backseat
As heaven sent

Contagious in need of quarantine

Ceremony - “Quarantine”

@dainiusaurus idk if you’ve seen this but you need to

"Mike Richards would run you over with his car to win a Stanley Cup. He’d visit you in the hospital after."

Pete DeBoer on Mike Richards (via formerlymn)

That’s concerning

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lol that’s funny because he let Patrick Kane skate all over his ice holding said Stanley Cup above his head

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Latest records acquired. Cheers Deathwish Inc.

need that rohnert park. damn you. *runs to record store*


Girl, you know what it is